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Walk over the Konitsa Bridge

Konitsa bridge was built in 1871. The maker of this incredible bridge was Frontzos Ziogas from the village of Pyrsogianni. This was the second attempt to bridge the Aoos river since a previous bridge designed by Turkish engineers collapsed. 

The story is when Ziogas finished the bridge, the Turkish engineers who had failed to complete the project asked the churches where the University had studied and Ziogas proudly replied: "At the University of Pyrsogianni"

The bridge is located at a point where the valley narrows Aoos between the mountains, just before the valley of Glytoniavista exits. Ziogas managed to span the river with a high bridge that has a very high duration. The material used is in local stone and the mortar consists of graduated ceramic tiles, lime, pumice stone, sand, water, dry grass, sometimes adding hair to increase cohesion.

The road is very narrow, just 2 meters wide. It is curved upward like most Epirus bridges. The road is cobblestone and when it climbs steeply there is a large step upwards with a slope. The Konitsa bridge had a bell underneath which plays with the movement of the wind as you exit the Aoos valley. The sound of the bell warns approaching travelers of imminent danger. The bell is still there!

The bridge builders tried to make the passage of the bridge safer and for this they put "arkades" - stones vertically placed on the sides of the bridge and then added small balustrades.

The bridge is still in use, especially by the people of place and their animals, but more often as tourists. Hence, you must go to visit this beautiful place and cherish nature and its surroundings. 


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