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Walk the Godley Heads Track

Located at the far end of Christchurch at the brim of the Banks Peninsula, the Godley Heads Track is a beautiful walk that combines coastal views, beach access and WWII remnants. 

The entire looped track is approximately three hours and one that is both dog and kid friendly. There is also the option to explore the track with a mountain bike. 

The track starts at Taylors Mistake, where there are lots of old caves, heritage beach cottages and beach to explore. The track then makes its way up the hill for beautiful coastal views in which the Southern Alps and the far end of Christchurch can be seen. 

There are many small bays that can be access during this track that are perfect for a quick dip or snorkelling. The best spot to do this is at Boulder Bay, where there is a line of seaside cottages and picnic benches to enjoy a rest. 

From there the climb is uphill, in which there are many old gun emplacements and a battery compound from WWII. Once around the corner, views of Lyttelton Harbour will come into sightline. Once at the top of Godley head there is a campground for those that wish to spend the evening. It is the perfect place to watch the sunrise the following day. The track back down to Taylors Mistake will go through farmland full of grazing sheep and intertwine with mountain bike trails. 

Often at the bottom of the track there is an ice cream truck called Mr. Whippys, which offers the perfect refreshment after the completion of the hike. 



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