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Walk the Marsden Cross

This 1.1 kilometre track through manuka honey trees is a beautiful farmland to beach walk. Starting up in the farmland at Oihi Bay, the walk will go to Marsden Cross, which is a beautiful secluded beach in the Bay of Islands. 

There are many “New Zealand firsts” at Marsden Cross, including the first European orchard and a memorial cross that signifies the spot the first sermon in New Zealand was conducted. 

The drive to Marsden Cross is very scenic, with ocean views on both sides of the road. There are also numerous beaches along the way, but as the access is on private property, a gate code is required to gain access. 

There are remnants from old Maori villages and European settlements on this track. According to New Zealand history, Marsden Cross is the foundations of where New Zealand were laid on Christmas Day in 1814. 

Often boats dock for the night in this area and in the summer, the pohutakawa trees dominate the shoreline with their bright red flowers. 

While the hike itself is kid-friendly, dogs are not allowed on the track as native kiwis call this area home. Down by the water there is also a campsite to set up and watch the sunrise the next morning for those that want to maximise their time at this beautiful and secluded New Zealand gem. 



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