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Walk the Walkways Diwan-i- Khas

Located within the Agra Fort, Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan also constructed Diwan-i-khas like Diwan-i-am in 1635. In contrast to Diwan-i-am, which was intended to give viewers to his topics, the Diwan-i-khas was constructed to meet overseas officials, diplomats and rulers and address state issues in extreme privacy. Therefore, Diwan-i-khas was the real hub of power during the reign of Mughal.

The reduced sections of the columns are inlaid with geometric patterns, while the upper sections are inlaid with precious stones and are gilded and colored. His roof's four corners are surrounded by pillared chhatris. The Paradise Stream (Nahar-i-Bihisht) flowed through the hall center. The comprehensive characteristics of water are dry now. Mixed (Mugal+Hindu) are the main architectural features. History said that the Jats or Marathas removed their cap, which was initially inlaid with silver and gold, of the empire's consecutive financial crises. In 1911, the present roof had been built. The Peacock Throne was subsequently invaded by Nadir Shah in this room.

The Mughals used it to perform the personal durbar (court), with only the leaders of the military, ministers and other powerful employees attending. The main intention for important meetings was to provide a perfect atmosphere.

The Red Fort is an iconic Indian sign and a UNESCO-declared World Heritage Site. The walls, doors and a few other constructions in the fort are made of red sandstone; the palaces used marble to a large extent. The Red Fort intended by Ustad Ahmad Lahauri, the same architect who built the Taj Mahal, was built by Emperor ShahJahan. The fort is lying along the river Yamuna. 


Hours of visit: weekly from 9:30 to 4:30 (except Monday)


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