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Walk up Lyon Street Steps San Francisco

The Lyon Street Steps is also known as the Lyon Street Stairs and it is a 288 steps hidden staircase located in San Francisco. The step is located between Presidio on the west and the Pacific Heights neighborhood on the east. This magnificent set of stairs attracts fitness lovers and exercising locals but it is still hidden from the tourist crowd. It covers two blocks on the side of a steep hill and it offers mind-blowing views from the top. From the top of the stairs, you are going to enjoy stunning views of the Palace of Fine Arts, parts of Marin, and the blue waters of the San Francisco Bay.

When to Visit


The stair is open to the public at any time of the day and year. The best time to come here is early in the morning so that you can get there before the trainers and their clients arrive for their morning workout. The Lyon Street Steps is also less crowded during the mid-afternoon as everyone is usually at work. If you visit the stairs when it is crowded, you should ensure you walk down the stairs on the right and up on the left. If you are visiting with a group, everybody should walk down a single file so that there will be space for people that are running and jogging the stairs to pass.


Hiking the stairs


You are going to easily find a parking spot at the top of the Lyon Street Steps on Broadway if you arrive early. From the top of the stairs, you will see mind-blowing views of the Palace of Fine Arts and the Marina District, the rolling East Bay hills, and the stunning Blue San Francisco Bay.

The steps comprise of three separate staircases which are

•two flights of steep stairs from Green Street to Vallejo Street,

•split stairs located at Vallejo Street with flower beds,

•and the eight flights of stairs which extend to Broadway Street.

It is pretty easy and quick when you are going down the staircase and you will get the chance to take stunning pictures of the area and lovely flowers. Hiking the steep staircases is quite tasking and you will find families with kids of all ages walking the stairs together. When you get to the top of the stairs, you are going to find groups of runners and stair climbers in the street, you will also find personal trainers with their clients doing squats.


How to Get Here

You are going to find the top of the Lyon Street Steps at the end of Broadway in Lyon Street.

Once you see this sign, you will know that you are in the right place. If you are coming from the Fisherman’s Wharf, the best way to take is the 47 from North Point and Jones Streets, you will then transfer to the 45 at Van Ness Avenue and the Union Streets. From the Union Street and Baker Street, you can then stroll a block west along Union Street to get to Lyon. You will then take a left and walk to the hill, you will find yourself at the bottom of the Lyon Street Steps.


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