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Whale watching off San Juan Islands

One of the most spectacular things to do while in the Seattle area between May and October is to go on a whale watching tour off the San Juan Islands. Located in the backyard of the city, San Juan Islands display charming beauty and offer endless touristic attractions and relaxing opportunities. However, the most attractive activity here is the observation of whales in their natural habitat. 

It's not like you can't go on this type of tour anywhere else in the world, but there is no such whale diversity like here on the planet. The marine wildlife structure of the Puget Sound is extraordinary, including humpback, minke, gray, Big Orcas, and salmon-eating Orca whales. Apart from the five whale species that can be spotted in the waters around the San Juan Islands, you can also enjoy the stunning nature around you, and prepare for some awe-inspiring shots.

Puget Sound Express is one of the most recommended tour operators that offer spacious and warm boats that will take you on a half-day trip of your dreams. The boats used by the company promote safe whale watching, which means, boosted with soundproof technology and no propellers.

The scenic landscape of the San Juan Islands won't let you leave the area for a while. After ending the boat tour and exploring the marine life of Puget Sound, I recommend you enjoy one of the local restaurants in Friday Harbour and spend an afternoon roaming the quiet streets. 

If you decide to spend more time here, then you can also check out some of the many hiking and cycling opportunities that the islands offer. 

However, the main reason to visit these emerald-green islands are the numerous whale families, the gentle giants of the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy your tour, and good luck!



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