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Wilderness camping in East Cape Florida

East Cape is located in the farthest point of the southern US. Here, you get to yourself a relaxing beach, an abundance of wildlife and calming waters. This beach is regarded as one of the wildest beaches to exist in Florida. East Cape Sable has spectacular beauty and is indeed a great place for camping. The mangroves with the upright roots and the venomous manchineel are some of the striking fauna of this region. The view of sunrise and sunset from the beach is a treat to the eyes. You have got so much more to take in from this extremely remote and thrilling trail.

You are recommended to rent a kayak from Flamingo marina to reach East Cape. The 11-mile journey of about 5 hours on a kayak is itself a stunning trip. On your way to the beach, you shall cross wondrous other islands and eye-catching beaches. A huge number of tourists choose Cape Sable as their camping site. Pods of dolphins swimming in-sync across the bend is a stupendous vision. You shall try fishing if you have plans to stay overnight. Moreover, be prepared to see American crocodiles. If you are lucky you might as well swim with manatees. 

Campers can stay in the pull-up sites. Each of these sites has special arrangements for a fire pit. That means you can make a fire at East Cape, unlike the other parks that said no to this. Stroll leisurely along the beach, collect shells and enjoy the lapping sound of the waves. It is better to choose the winter season for the trip. This is a wild place and if you don’t want to stay put and get lost you better carry a compass for safety. Moreover, the soothing sunset, cool breeze, tranquil wilderness, myriad wildlife of East Cape is just what you need for ideal camping. Head in there soon!



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