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Experience the Sossusvlei Wind Cathedral

Nature has created a lot of unique sites to marvel at, and the Wind Cathedral is one such spot. Located in Sossusvlei's Namib Desert region, it is a vast area of sand formation series. The Wind Cathedral is believed to be 60-80 million years old and to have been formed because of the Atlantic Ocean drifts that pushed the sand. And even now, they are constantly changing and moving due to the wind shift. 

Many of the Wind Cathedrals are about 200 meters high and the highest is called' Big Daddy,' about 380 meters high. The dunes have a myriad of colors, mostly ranging from pink to orange. Another unique fact about these dunes is that they can maintain moisture and create specific water basins separated from other bodies of water. You can watch wild animals and birds here as well. They are more visible during September and October as they move towards water bodies. 

The best time to visit the Wind Castle is between March-November as December-February is too hot at over 50 ° C and climbing around may be too challenging.


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