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Horse Riding in Wizards Hat Bandon

I'm sure you've all probably seen photos of this iconic rock structure - the wizard's hat. Being as I'd seen it all over Flickr, I figured it was a pretty popular spot for photographers in Oregon. On the contrary, we discovered that no one we met had any idea what we were talking about. This strange rock ended up bringing us on quite an adventure.


Wizard's Hat is located on the shore of Bandon, Oregon. After a little driving, you are able to find a location a little further down the beach that has parking available. Between the parking area and paved walking paths, you’ll enjoy 180-degree views of this amazing shoreline area. 


The next must-stop, Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint, is just over a half-mile south on Beach Loop Drive. A short walk from the parking area at the viewpoint follows the edge of the cliffs overlooking Face Rock due west, Wizard’s Hat on the beach and Cat and Kittens offshore just to the northwest. From this angle, you can clearly make out the face in Face Rock, appearing as if a child were raising their head from the water. 

A pathway and stairway on the south side of the wayside offers the easiest beach access to explore this remarkable natural area, especially at low tide, when tide pools and abundant birdlife can be observed. 

Bandon’s rock formations are part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife refuge, so no climbing is allowed and dogs should be controlled to avoid endangering wildlife. While exploring the Pacific Beaches in the end you’ll be able to make a pretty memory.


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