Horse Riding in Wizards Hat Bandon


AWAYN IMAGE Horse Riding in Wizards Hat Bandon
AWAYN IMAGE Horse Riding in Wizards Hat Bandon
AWAYN IMAGE Horse Riding in Wizards Hat Bandon
AWAYN IMAGE Horse Riding in Wizards Hat Bandon

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I'm sure you've all probably seen photos of this iconic rock structure - the wizards hat. Being as I'd seen it all over Flickr, I figured it was a pretty popular spot for photographers in Oregon. On the contrary, we discovered that no one we met had any idea what we were talking about. This strange rock ended up bringing us on quite an adventure.The Wizard's Hat was located on the shore of Bandon, Oregon. After a little driving, we were able to find a location a little further down the beach that had parking available. Upon pulling up to the beach, we looked along the shore but didn't really spot it. We asked the other beach-goers, and no one seemed to know what we were talking about. Apparently it's not as iconic as the internet would make it seem.We wandered down the beach until we finally found it, among several larger formations. We were exploring between a few rock formations, when suddenly the tide started to come in. One moment I was walking along a sandy beach, and the next I found myself waist-deep in the ocean. Josh, upon the wave hitting his ankles, promptly scurried up the nearest rock to safety. Holding my camera over my head, I tried to climb up and dropped my cell phone into the wave in the process. With a little searching (read: splashing around in the water in a blind panic), I was able to find my phone and get out of the water to safety, soaked from the belly down, with my boots full of fresh Pacific Ocean water. 

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