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Wulong Tiankeng Three Natural Bridges

The Three Natural Bridges are a series of natural limestone bridges located in Xiannüshan Town, Wulong County, Chongqing Municipality, China.

Wulong Tiankeng Three Bridges Site is famous for three beautiful natural stone arch bridges, namely Tianlong (Sky Dragon) Bridge, Qinglong (Green Dragon) Bridge, and Heilong (Black Dragon) Bridge. It is Asia's largest group of natural stone bridges. It's a fantastic place that's still unfamiliar with the world, so this site has maintained its beautiful highlight so far. 

 Your visit to this place can take from 1h to 3 hours if you take your time enjoying the magnificent scenery of nature at work. If you are prepared for dirty hiking (shoes and pants), you can sneak outside the familiar path, when you pass the first natural bridge, on your left. 

The 135 RMB IS THE PRICE OF THE TICKET. To get there, take a train from Chongqing North train station to Wulong (24.5 RMB - 2 hours), then a but from Wulong central bus station to Xian Nu Shan Village - Wulong Karst Tourist Center (Xian Nu Shan Zeng - 8 RMB), where you can buy the ticket to the Three Bridges.

 Best Time to Visit is typically between Sept to Nov. Autumn is the most beautiful season to visit Tiankeng Three Bridges site.


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