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Kanas Xinjiang Herdsmen 新疆

The great Tuyugou Valley is 47 kilometers to the west of Turpan City. The canyon clefts the Flaming Mountains north to south, from Subeixi Village of Shanshan Town to the Maza Village of Tuyugou. There are three popular hiking routes in Kanas. The first hiking route is the eastern Kanas route that starts from the Jaden Valley and goes to Kanas. Along the path, you can see the beautiful Kanas River, the quiet Hemu River, the misty Hemu Village, the mysterious Black Lake, and then finally get to Kanas Lake. The whole distance is 78 kilometers (48.4 mi) on foot, and it takes three to four days to hike it. The hiking isn’t difficult, but it takes a longer time to finish the hike. The second hiking route is the western Kanas route. It stretches from White Haba to Naren Ranch to Double Lake to Kanas Lake. It is a new hiking route. Along the way, you can go through the primitive forests and the mysterious Double Lake. The whole distance takes four to five days. It is a more difficult hike than the eastern Kanas route. So it is hard to cross over and takes a long time. The third hiking route goes from Kanas to White Lake. It is very hard to cross over. It is suggested that suggested that tourists don’t hike this route. Apart from the Kanas area, the Keketuo Lake and the Eerqisi River have indescribably beautiful scenery.


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