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Walk around the Yi Sun Sin Park

Yi Sun-Sin Park is situated in South Gyeongnam Province, Jeongnyang-dong, Tongyeong-si. A 17.3m-high bronze statue of Great Admiral Yi Sun-sin stands facing Hansando's sea and the ocean view is magnificent from the tiny path along the shoreline, between the beach and a lovely forest.

 Admiral Yi Sun-shin is renowned for designing and skillfully deploying the Geobukseon, literally "turtle ships," ships protected by a spiked armored shell used in the 1592 Japanese invasion battle. Admiral Yi outside Korea is little known, but he ranks as one of the excellent battle heroes alongside Horatio Nelson. In twenty-three fights, he comes down in history books as unbeaten, a rare feat. He earned a lot of admiration for his personality and private beliefs. From the tender age of 22, he realized that he had been called to a military life and followed it with all his heart, knowing it was far from beneficial compared to his peers ' literary career. The spirit of Admiral Yi continues an object of excellent regard some 400 years after his death. When he died in the Battle of Noryang in 1597, the title, "Duke of Loyal Valor," was granted posthumously.


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