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Yukon River Chilling Time

The Yukon has all the beauty and majesty to match any other part of Canada but has the added feature of being uncrowded by tourists and in most areas natural and untouched as when explorers did the journey over 100 years ago. After a short trip on a river in Whistler, we took our first ever Canoe trip on the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Lake Laberge and loved it. I'm sure we would have seen more with a guide but we saw at least 6 eagles and quickly taught ourselves how to navigate the Canoe on the River's moderately fast but technically unchallenging waters. There were a few Mosquitos but nothing like some of the reported horror stories. We only saw one other Canoe and one motorboat during the 5 hours on the water. Based on our day on the River, I'd love to come back and do a much longer trip on the River. Like any self-guided trips away from populated areas, you need to be self dependent but this trip is as good an introduction as you can get.


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