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Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex- A Treat to The Eyes in Essen

The first thing which comes to your mind when you think of a coal mine is a picture of a dirty, messy and black environment. Essen’s aesthetically beautiful Zollverein Coal Mine will change your viewpoint forever. The Zollverein coal is located in the Ruhr region of Essen depicts a Bauhaus architecture style which attracts one’s attention instantly. It is a well-known place, which is applauded by the people for the beauty it depicts, and it is indeed awarded as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO.    

The appealing symmetry design of the coal mine blends perfectly with the natural background of the landscape. A glimpse from the exterior, cannot make you realize the extent of the vast industry which operates here. 

A brief history behind the building of the world most beautiful coal mine 

The first coal mine started here back in 1851, and the Zollverein complex was used for mining purpose until 1986, and it had a huge output of 3.6 million tons. After the Second World War, extra shafts were added here to expand and increase productivity.

In about 150 years, many buildings developed on the surface and finally a decision to close the Zollverein Coal Mine was acted upon. It was this major decision which leads us to understand the reason why we call the Zollverein Coal Mine as the most beautiful heritage.

Rather than demolishing the Zollverein coal mine, the authorities decided to implement ‘preservation through conservation’. Over the years, the empty shadows of the closed coal mine industry rose up and glittered to bring a shining light to the Zollverein. Modernity and artistic designs which blossomed at Zollverein, to bring up the world-class museums, restaurants, design exhibitions, theatre, and a recreational pool too.

The gateway to a cultural treat 

Visiting the Zollverein coal mine house is indeed a fascinating experience. It takes you back to the older days of mining operations and also showcases a futuristic design depicting modern culture. It is a perfect amalgamation of history and modern culture.

When you are at the Zollverein, a visit to the Ruhr museum is a must. The museum is implanted with a 12-shaft coal washing plant which reflects the history of the coal-mining region.

If you want to experience the modern twist in this region, the Red Dot Design Museum has a fabulous collection of designs from around the globe ranging from washing machines to boats.

Zolleverian is all about the celebration of its legacy, and it holds several significant events throughout the year. It is worth checking out the special exhibitions and performances held here throughout the year and take back the cherished memories home of a unique coal mine which is the world most iconic colliery.



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