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  LIVE Consumer Intelligence & Reputation Management

Access the world's most extensive real-time consumer data sets coupled with industry-leading and award-winning AI in online social platforms monitoring for BI and reputation management.


LIVE Brand Health Monitoring

AWAYN's AI Monitors your brand health across over 100 Million sources and sets up intelligent, real-time alerts to respond quickly and confidently before problems develop. AWAYN Helps you Live Track:

• Hate Speech
• Bad Publicities
• Racism and Insults

Global Live Trends & conversations Analysis

tap into millions of live conversations beyond your core brand channels and transform unstructured data into actionable insights. AWAYN AI reads and digests posts, texts, and comments in any languages and it covers:

• Live Trending Topics & Subtopics
• Trending Emojis, Keywords
• Live Brand Performance Measurements

Warm leads, with consumer Intelligence & Segmentation

Find your potential customers in live sessions. Identify And Comprehend Any Audience, No Matter How Specific they are to Conduct Social Audience Analysis. AWAYN AI Helps You Understand:

• Live Audience's Affinities
• Live Demographics
• Live Audience Location
• Live Audience Interests
• And More

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Live User Generated Contents Analyzer

AWAYN advanced AI Visual Analytics gives you the visual context for your consumers' brand perception. AWAYN helps you understand :

• See how consumers use your products
• Detect viral content before it grows
• Discover product feedback
• Catch harmful content early
• Benchmark against competitors
• Understand your communities visual aspirations

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