AWAYN is an adventure travel and digital media platform. This one-stop shop offers a unique local adventures along with complimentary travel booking tools to all travel enthusiasts.

We provides a strong, yet easy to access and user friendly, digital platform to both users and businesses to engage and collaborate. Our core belife is to empower AWAYN community to find the adventures they seek while giving a platform for local businesses to engage this massive market.

Our Services

We’ve collaborated with some of the world top brands. Our business model allows us to create visual contens, predict its performance through visual analytics and use the top performing assets to give clients insights as to which content should make up their paid spend on and offline.

Native advertising (Paid content)

Due to their in-feed placement and adaptable design, native ads often see up to 5-8x higher CTR than banner ads. AWAYN empowers businesses to serve native contents, videos, and display-ads across thousands of targeted visitors on its site.

Content & Blog Articles

AWAYN's exceptional ambassadors are here to create a unique, authentic visual content that highlights your brand. Spread your stories across social media and the web with the AWAYN distribution network.

Paid social media content

Benefit from AWAYN’s social media network to gain followers engagement, drive traffic, and creating more authentic content which turns into permanent customers.


An exclusive network. We facilitate on-going relationships and bridge the gap - cross-industry collaboration allows our clients to reach previously untapped industries + markets.