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Brad White Lake Powell Reservoir Photoup

Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River, straddling the border between Utah and Arizona, United States. Most of Lake Powell, along with Rainbow Bridge National Monument, is located in Utah. This was an unusual attraction because of the bridge and dam. 

For those who want to drive their cars, Lake Powell offers excellent opportunities for boat camping and some limited opportunities. See the Driving the Lake page for "car camping" options. There are many choices for boat campers. Finding a nice, isolated stretch of beach and setting up a camp on the shore is the most popular choice. The campers are going to "live" on the shore many times and sleep on the boat. You should have a lot of options depending on your boat and the number in your group. There are many "rocky" sites that you could set up a camp, but if you plan to sleep on the shore, this could make it hard to sleep.  

Check out the visitor center for information and great views of the dam. The water was beautiful, and the vastness of the lake is mind-blowing.

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egor shitikov Grand Canyon SkyWalk

This is NOT a part of Grand Canyon National Park. This is the west side of the actual canyon, but not part of the actual park. It is a private attraction owed by the Indian reservation that is located there. You can get tickets on I did the Gold Legacy package, which as far as I could see was the cheapest way to go on the Skywalk. It's $75 per person, but they throw in all these other things besides just the Skywalk. You park in their parking lot, and then you get to ride a bus shuttle to the 3 different locations included in your package. One is a fake cowboy sort of town, where you can learn how to lasso, ride in a horse-pulled wagon, you can pay to ride a mechnical bull (one of the few things you have to pay extra for), you can try panning for gold, etc. Kind of a cute place to spend a good half hour or so. The second location is a scenic look-out point. You can even hike up to a high point with a great view of the canyon. The third stop is the SkyWalk. Also at that stop there's also display of different styles of Native American homes. The package also includes a meal, and you have the option of using that ticket at any of the 3 locations. I went to the one at the cowboy town, and it was a delicious and filling southern/westen BBQ meal. As for the Skywalk itself - it really is more money than it should be, but if there's no other way to get there, then what else can you do? I mean, if you want to go on the Skywalk, then just suck it up and pay that $75. There's no point in grumbling about it. And hey, if you end up not caring for the Skywalk, then at least you got a meal and all those other things included! The Skywalk didn't go as far out into the canyon as I had thought. So really, you're not above the highest part of the canyon...but you still get the idea. When you get onto the Skywalk, you get in line and have a photographer take your photos, telling you what kind of poses to make. After that, you can hang out on the walk for as long as you want. Of course, they charge extra for the photos. I don't remember how much it was, but too much for me to buy it. Maybe $20? or less, I really can't remember. The only part that really bothered me is that you can't take your camera or phone or anything out onto the Skywalk - you have to lock it up in a locker before you go out. So they are definitely stingy in that way, that they want you to buy their photos. But again, no point in arguing with it. That's just the way it's gotta be. In the end, I paid the $75 because I wanted to go on the Skywalk itself, but what is most memorable is everything besides the Skywalk - the cowboy town, the hike, etc. Yes, it is a lot of money, but it's one of those things you only do once. Once you've done it, you've done it. I'm glad I did. :)

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AWAYN Editorial

Internationally acclaimed photographer: Paul Bride


Paul Bride is an internationally acclaimed Canadian photographer and one of the most noticeable names in action photography today. Awayn had a pleasure of chatting with Paul about his action photography, How he developed his work his work with professional climbers, his international awards and creative plans.


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What first drew you to action photography?


My path to action photography actually started through travel photography. After finishing college, I left for a six-month solo trip through Asia and my girlfriend at the time (now wife) loaned me a small point and shoot film camera, armed with eight rolls of Kodak film I set off.  It wasn’t until I got home and developed the film that people seemed impressed with my images. 


Growing up in Southern Ontario, I was always into skiing and upon returning to Canada I moved West to Nelson, British Columbia.  I bartended nights so I could ski during the day, bought a Pentax SLR film camera with borrowed money and through trial and error taught myself how to use the camera. As soon as I sold my first ski image to a magazine I knew I wanted to be an action/travel photographer. 


As a huge fan of your work as a professional photographer when you’re presented with a less than ideal situation, how do you find your subjects and produce images you would be happy with?

At this stage there is so much preparation that goes into a photo shoot less than ideal situations don’t play much of a factor. Having the opportunity to work with professional athletes means there is always something to shoot and because most of my photography takes place abroad, these shoots usually happen over a couple of weeks. Having ample time to create what I’ve imagined really helps eliminate those less than ideal situations.




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What makes the good picture stand out from the average?

n my opinion what makes a good picture stand out from the average is the process involved before the photograph is ever taken. The hours spent investigating the perfect location to shoot from. What time of year will the image be taken? Who will be your subject? How are you as the photographer going to get into position?  These are just some of the questions to consider. The final step being, the pressing of the shutter button, this is the practice of taking images not pictures. 

Most people understand the basics of photography and everyone gets lucky but to consistently produce stand out images starts long before the shutter button is pressed.


What is the most memorable trip you have had in recent memory? What kind of hidden places did you get to explore?


That’s a tough one…I travel globally so much for work that each trip is memorable because of all the hidden places I get to explore, most locations are off the grid which makes them even more memorable. This year alone I’ve been to Papua New Guinea, Australia, Ireland, Alaska, currently in Mexico writing this, then on to California, France, Monaco, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Namibia all before year end. I feel very fortunate to travel for work.


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What equipment’s do you use to captures your footage? What are some of the challenges of using them?

Canon 5Ds is the main body I’m working with at this time. The large files are great for commercial advertisement. 

Lenses - 11mm – 24mm

              16mm – 35mm

              24mm – 70mm

             70mm – 200mm

             100mm – 400mm


Closing Thoughts … How do you think photography and traveling has changed your view of the world?

Travelling has opened my mind to new experiences and cultures and visiting beautiful landscapes has inspired me to see more and create more than I ever thought was possible. The more I travel…the more I want to see. My camera has become the tool to not only help me visually tell my stories but also inspire new dreams of travel.


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More ADVENTURES highlights


Michael Neal Mogollon Rim

Mogollon Rim

Do you choose to see some of the most some distance attaining scenery in Arizona? Stand atop a 2000 foot drop of the Magollon Rim and get prepared to take in some simply excellent views spanning from pines to desert.

History & Nature

Stretching 200 miles from Yavapai Country to New Mexico, the Mogollon Rim offers breathtaking view overlooking an expansive woodland of pine trees. The Rim is a authentic geological marvel web hosting sedimentary, volcanic and metamorphic rock relationship again to the Precambrian era.

Things to Do

Enjoy a leisurely picnic or trek alongside the ancient hiking and horseback using – however there is extra to see. Choose between biking, horseback riding, rock-climbing, hunting, fishing, boating, bird-watching, and stargazing.

Hotels, Lodges & Camping

With extra than 10 lakes brimming with trout, cast a line from any financial institution and pull in a stunning fish to experience over a campfire. The Mogollon Rim affords camping and cabin choices surrounding the a number lakes and nestled inside the pines.


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Andy Spencer Camp at Havasu Falls

This is one of those places where you try to find out as much as possible before you go. However, information seems hard to come by.  START EARLY!! we started at 4am the hike down wasnt to bad. It took us about 4 hours when we finally hit the village,checked in, got in for free btw because im a tribal member. so if youre native american and have a tribal ID bring your card.. made our way down to the campsite. walking down the cliff made stairs we look to our right and see the best waterfall ever seen. found a nice campsite set up camp. went swimming at havasu falls the first day. the next day we hiked down mooney falls and to beaver falls and swam at navajo falls.. the trip was well worth it and the hike is deff worth it .. the hike back out, whoooole different story, we ran out of water half way through lol almost died on the way out. the last mile is straight up all switchbacks.. i wouldnt recommend riding the horses because theyre abused so if u cant hike out take the helicopter out which is like 88 bucks. ill do that next time. the hike in is fine

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