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Turner Jedi City of Omisalj

The Omisalj spreads through 20 acres of the Mediterranean green zone and this goes along the shore region, marking a quite peaceful and calm area for tourism attraction. It seems as though all ways load ultimately to the island Krk as the sea, land, air, all means can be accessed to get to this place as Omisalj lies nearby the Rijeka airport, Krk Bridge and several ferries and boats routinely move through the nearby attaching sea.

This place is one of the natural wonders with immense beauty, associated cultural heritage, calm Mediterranean weather, transport facilities and having a great tourism spot in it for spending a luxury vacation at, especially the island Krk and camping zones in Omisalj.


The island is surrounded by numerous charms, such as attention capturing old monuments, galleries, and museums, as well as the natural beauty of clean environment allowing for a soothing experience to the soul. One can always take a stroll through the promenades by the sea adding a romantic feel to the site and enjoy nice local wine with Krk special cuisine. The place allows for a perfect vacation, providing worry-free and calm atmosphere.


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Oliver Hoffman Walking / Hiking around Plitvice Lakes National Park

This area has always attracted nature lovers, and Croatia's first national park was declared as early as 8 April 1949. The process of tufa formation, resulting in the construction of barriers to tufa or travertine and resulting in the creation of lakes, is the outstanding universal value for which the Plitvice Lakes were recognized internationally on 26 October 1979 with their inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Looking for the best way to enjoy the park? I recommend taking a train (or bus?) ride to the top level of the lakes and then walking down. The ride is free. This gives you the opportunity to walk about 9 km through the entire length of the park. 

Those who don't have the entire day may take a boat ride on the ground level to cross the first lake (ride included in the ticket). Get down on the other side and walk upwards, cover three-four lake levels, and get down to the same point to take a boat back.

Buy water and snacks at the park entrance. There are no indoor shops. 

My visit was a wet cloudy day in the summer, but soon it was sunshine and had fantastic photographs all day long. Plitvice summer may require light woolen cloths for people from lower latitudes.

The high season ticket for 1 day for an adult is 250 HRK (~34 EUR). You can go after August (off season) or get a 2-day ticket to save on your Plitvice lakes tickets. If you are a student, don't forget to take your student ID (your entrance is HRK 160 or EUR 22 in this case).


If you want to discover this UNESCO World Heritage Site with an expert guide, it is about EUR 100 for a group of up to 50 people (good deal!) Note that your ticket includes all the transportation INSIDE the park. There are ferries and a small train to take you from one side to the other of the park.


The food is not included, however, at station points there are plenty of restaurants where you can get a full meal or a snack.


You can also take sandwiches with you and arrange a nice picnic with a fantastic view of the lakes! Watch out for geese and ducks, they're going to want some of your lunch! 

Stunning park and water ways. Great walk through the Bush. Good pathways. Take care on the boardwalks

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AWAYN Editorial

Hikers’ paradise: Mount Medvednica

A majestic mountain standing above the city of Zagreb is one of the capital’s hidden gems favored by locals and tourists as well. Visible from every corner of the city, it rises from the foothills with its highest peak called Sljeme at an altitude of 1035m. With more than 70 hiking and trekking trails, together with numerous bike trails and walking paths adjusted to beginners and advanced climbers, Medvednica is an unavoidable hikers’ paradise. Plenty of mountain houses and shelters can be found along the way, offering a hot cup of tea or traditional meals. All paths are marked and sorted by the complexity, and length, beginning at the different starting points. Hikers can choose an ideal trail whether they want a speedy path before the closing climb to the summit or whether they prefer longer routes with fantastic vistas along the way. With all that, fresh air and a magical, serene environment are more than guaranteed. 

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While exploring the hidden corners of Mount Medvednica, all hikers will spot a beautiful Medvedgrad Castle, one of the largest medieval fortresses in Croatia with spectacular panoramic views that reach almost the entire Zagreb. After reconstruction, it became a state memorial to the unknown defenders of the homeland and a popular stopover among mountain visitors. Another secret that a forest hides is the Veternica Cave, one of the largest caves in Croatia that is worth getting off the beaten track while hiking. This natural attraction is best known for its rugged terrain, paleontological importance, and fascinating bat population. The cave’s length is 7128 m, and the tour is only possible with an expert guide, so planning the visit ahead is recommended. 



All year round, Mount Medvednica is a favorite place for outdoor leisure. Numerous picnic spots, incredible landscape views, interesting trekking paths and the irresistible strength of the forest attract not only sports enthusiasts, but also nature lovers and those seeking rest for the soul and body. Endless fields of beech, chestnut, and oak woods make a wonderful sight especially during autumn when the whole forest is bathed in warm colors, showing off for gorgeous photo capture. However, a deep forest offers not only luscious greenery but also a rich animal kingdom including deer, foxes, wild hogs, bats, different bird species and interesting reptiles. On the other hand, during the cold months, Sljeme turns into a popular skiing and snowboarding spot with international quality and a regular fixture on the World Cup skiing circuit. 


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As some of the hiking paths can be crowded, particularly during warm weekends, it is recommended to come early. Comfortable, safe shoes, a camera, and goodwill are the best things to bring!


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More ADVENTURES highlights


Robin Hurrican krk island

Krk Island is a diverse island offering a variety of attractions and experiences, whether you like culture, nature or the beautiful tourist spots: a thousand-year-old towns, small rural villages, well-equipped town beaches, secluded swimming bays, lively bars and clubs, small and quiet restaurants and caffe bars.

Krk Island is also a great place to learn about Croatia's heritage. We recommend visiting Baska, Vrbnik, Punat, Malinska, Njivice, Omisalj, Silo and Krk City on the island of Krk or enjoying the peace and quiet of the rural areas of Krk in places like Brzac village.

Considering these Krk Island advantages, it is quite understandable that many tourists choose it as their holiday spot. Tourism-wise, Krk noticed the tourist market trends very skillfully and quickly adapted to them by responding to tourist demands with new offers and events. What to do there: Biserujka cave located on the north-eastern part of the island near Silo Picturesque island of Kosljun with a monastery museum located on the islet Church and monastery in Glavotok, a small settlement on the western tip of Krk Island Town of Omisalj, with a history dating back to the 3rd century and perched on the cliff above the sea Town of Vrbnik, another cliff-top town surrounding the island?

There are many different accommodation options on Krk Island: large hotels, smaller family hotels and boards, private accommodation in rooms and apartments, and camps.


Hospitality on the island of Krk is generally found in the most beautiful spots of individual cities-hotels and campsites are by the sea and in the shade of rich pine trees.

Also of quality are private rooms and apartments: it is accommodation in new family homes whose owners try to furnish the rooms and apartments so that they can be seen as good hosts who know how to welcome their guests and ensure a pleasant stay for each of them.

The pleasure is truly complete in this type of accommodation: a view of the crystal clear sea, a short walk to the beach, swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing, and then refreshment at the Krk restaurant, cafe bar or ice cream parlour.

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Julian Peters Sponza Palace

The palace, which also served as a mint and arsenal, was built according to Paskoje Miličević's design in the 16th century. It has a shady portico and atrium, built in a rectangular shape. The works of the stone-mason were performed mainly by the Andrijić Brothers. The atrium doors and the portico on the first floor lead to the storage.

There are photographs of the men, many of them very young, who were killed in the war of 1991/2 in a small room to the left of the entrance. They were displayed in a uniform manner that somehow underlined the faces ' individuality. Also on a continuous loop, there was a film of still photographs of war events. While we were here, two musicians were playing outdoors, a young woman playing violin, and a young man playing guitar. They were playing Ave Maria at the time. Normally it's not something I like, but the sweet and serious way they played it was rather special and created an unforgettable memory in that context of self-sacrifice and heroism.

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