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Cajas National Park

Hidden Gems of Ecuador

One of the oldest civilizations in the region, the Cañari, lived on this land between the years of 500 and 1400, worshiping the mountains, the lagoons, and the Moon. 

The park has an extraordinary natural beauty wrapped in mist in the mornings and bathed in the sun during the day. Throughout Cajas, there are hundreds of natural lagoons (no swimming) that look like the eyes of Earth. The largest and most visited one is Toreadora lagoon, circled by a picturesque and well-marked trail. 



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The Cañari

Besides this one, the national park offers plenty of hiking opportunities, starting from trails that you can finish in two hours, up to the longest one that lasts 10 days. 

The mountains are covered in short and bushy vegetation and wildflowers. The only type of tree characteristic for the park is the paper tree that covers a huge portion of the landscape. 



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Hiking Opportunities

Around the Llaviucu Lagoon, there are families of black wild horses and llamas, as well as many varieties of birds, including ducks. 

The landscape of Cajas looks like a sci-fi movie set, and it shows the power of Nature’s flawless architectural abilities. Walking around the lagoons while the cold wind is blowing in your face is one of the most unique experiences in the province of Azuay, close to the city of Cuenca. 



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Cajas looks like a sci-fi movie set

Cajas National Park is a treasure with incomparable beauty where people can meditate, explore, and re-define the meaning of life. Cajas is more than a park. It is a cultural heritage holding centuries-old secrets, waiting to be discovered.  


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