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Lucia Griggi - Surf photography at it's best

How did you originally got into photography, and specifically, surf photography?

I started using a camera when I was in college in London. It was my dads Nikon film camera, which he let me use. Soon after I moved down to the coast and started surfing which led me to start shooting. I spent the summers in Cornwall working as a surf instructor and also taking my camera out into the water to shoot with, and the winters travelling to places like Morocco and Australia. I always liked to have a camera with me and to document my travels. So this is how it started- through my love of surfing and travel!!  


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I’m sure a lot of our readers would like to know as a professional photographer when you’re presented with a less than ideal situation, how do you find your subjects and produce images you would be happy with?

Sometimes not everything is perfect during a shoot. A lot of times the weather changes, the sea conditions are dangerous and there can be long days on location. It’s always about making the most of it and keeping positive. There was one time when I was left out in the sea after a shoot as the boat did not come and collect me, it was getting dark and the surf was big. Keeping calm and treading water for four hours I finally got rescued. It was good I didn’t panic! 


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In your professional and artistic opinion, what makes a great surf photo?

I like to see sharp and clean images with loads of color and life! A photo that shows the stoke on the surfers face and the wave perfectly formed behind!! Its hard to say what is a great photo, there can be so many different styles! I like photos which make you want to be there and on the wave! 


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What is the most memorable trip ?

I love Fiji as the water is so clear, I did some in water shooting there and I captured a lovely image underwater of a surfer with his board. Ive never been in such clear water in my life!! It was so magical.



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What equipment do you use to captures your footage? What are some of the challenges of using them?

I use the 1DX MRK 11 with the Aquatech housing. Lenses vary from 15mm Fisheye, 16-35mm and 24 PRIME. 


It’s a heavy rig!!! Go for the 5d mrk 4 is you want a lighter set up. 



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Closing Thoughts … What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to someone who’s looking to get into photography, or surf photography?

Keep going and just get out there! You’ll learn from your mistakes. Be a good good swimmer and have a love for the ocean. It will make you smile and keeps you fit!!! 


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