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Kenya Unlocked

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A Camping Safari in Kenya's wildlife

The sun is low on the Mara plains, the sky painted with red and pink. A hyena howls, a lion roars, the nighttime predators are waking. You hunker down next to your fire, pour more wine and gaze at the stars. This is life at its most raw and intense.

An African safari is breathtaking in its beauty and ferocity. It is a life-affirming chance to connect with nature. Of all the safari destinations in the world, Kenya is the most iconic.

Experience the great migration on the plains of the Maasai Mara; vast spaces painted dark brown with wildebeest herds and the highest concentration of big cats in Kenya. Watch huge elephant herds walk through the lakes of Amboseli with Kilimanjaro as a backdrop. Meet the last two surviving Northern White Rhinos in the world, at Ol Pejeta. Spot Nile Crocodiles in the largest desert lake in the world at Turkana. Awe at sunsets over the Tsavo. Baobab trees crowning the park, herds of giraffe galloping across the red soil.

By: nadine murphy