Unforgettable Journey with Kerala Houseboat

You would have visited many places in your life but, have you ever been to Kerala one of the heavenly states of India if not yet, then does visit this state. Kerala is an ancient and blissful state of India situated in the south-western region of the country. This heavenly state is blessed with amazing attractions and expressions of nature which are worth to experience once in a lifetime. Though, Kerala is blessed with amazing attractions and wonderments such as palm-fringed beaches, alluring hill stations, exotic wildlife and diverse ranges of flora and fauna which draws the attention of visitors but one thing which no one would be experienced before that is its exclusive backwaters.


Backwaters are the perfect network of lakes, lagoons, inlets, and deltas of many rivers that drain into the Arabian Sea. Backwaters here are the finest example of eco-system. Many unique species of aquatic life including crabs, frogs, and mudskippers, water birds such as terns, kingfishers, darters and cormorants animals such as otters and turtles live in alongside the backwaters which help there to maintaining the ecosystem. Backwaters are spotted with picturesque vistas, swaying palm trees, bird sanctuaries, marvelous churches and temples, rustic villages and many more. Besides, the most exciting thing on the backwater is Kerala Houseboats, which is playing a dominant role in Kerala Tourism. The houseboat is an essential part of Kerala's culture and tradition which presently offers a good time to the vacationers.



Houseboats and backwaters, both are a substitute for each other, no one can even think about backwater journey without houseboats. Houseboats in Kerala are in different categories and offers all the contemporary facilities to the vacationers such as well furnished air-conditioned rooms, attached bath, hygienic kitchenette, lounge, deck and many more which always delight the vacationers on their backwater tour. There are numerous backwater destinations in Kerala but among them, Kumarakom and Alleppey are the most visited destinations of backwaters.

Alleppey Backwaters


Also known as 'Venice of the East' Alleppey is the largest backwater destination of this state. Journeying along in an Alleppey Houseboats through the enchanting backwaters is sure to rob your heart. This place has emerged as the major backwater destinations, attracting thousands of foreign tourists every year. This backwater destination is also famous for houseboat races or snake boat races which held in this place every year. The most famous event of boat race is the "Nehru Trophy Boat Race". Due to several rice fields, this beautiful region is also known as Kuttanad "The rice bowl of Kerala". Rice farming here is also the major source of income.

Kumarakom Backwaters


Kumarakom is another beautiful backwater destination which is situated on the picturesque Vembanad Lake. This amazing backwater destination is spotted with coconut grooves, mangroves, bird sanctuary and paddy fields cover the verdant side. Beautiful flowers bloom in the water and birds from the bird sanctuary on Vembanad Lake call as they fly across the clear blue sky. This backwater destination is also famous for fishing and Ayurvedic massage. Kumarakom Houseboats offers a wonderful experience that no one would forget.


Author:Raj Choudhary